C-Click Products

C-CLICK develops and produces high performance capacitive electrostatic chucks for any demanding application.


Depending on the application, C-clicks will develop a solution based upon one technology among the following :

Blue Technology
Black Technology
White Technology

What Substrate

can be clamped

C-Click’s E Chucks can clamp any material, whatever their electrical conductivity is. Depending on your application, we will propose the most appropriate design and technology.

What Processes

run with C-CLICK ESCs

The C-Click technology has already been qualified in all the vacuum process of the semiconductor, and similar industries as photovolatic (PV) or flat panel display (FPD).

Who is using

C-CLICK E-Chucks

The C-Click technology is already qualified by the big players of the semiconductor industry, the OEMs as well as the Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) and the Pure Play Foundries.

Whenever it is about developing an E-Chuck for a new application, improving an existing application according to a Continuous improvement Plan (CIP), or simply securing your Electrostatic Chuck source, C-Click approach is always global. 

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